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Our job as forensic handwriting specialists and forensic signature experts is to compare handwriting and signatures when there is doubt about the authenticity of key documents.
Forensic handwriting analysis falls within the questioned documents division of forensic science. Forensic handwriting experts and questioned documents examiners scrutinize disputed documents using various forensic examination and analysis methods.

For example, our expert handwriting analysis means we can determine if a questioned signature has been forged.
The cost of forensic handwriting analysis and forensic handwriting expert witness evidence varies, depending on each case. For more information on cost and how long it takes, please see our fees and timeframes page.

Who we are.

We’re a UK-based team of world-renowned handwriting experts, providing scientific, impartial forensic handwriting and document analysis for legal purposes, to clients here and overseas.

Expert witnesses Anthony Stockton and Melanie Pugh trained in the UK government and have held positions across European councils and government departments.

Our impressive scientific and forensic background adds up to more than 50 years’ combined experience: a wealth of knowledge that we bring to all our forensic casework. As well as forensic signature analysis in the UK, we are also experts in the examination of Chinese signatures and Arabic signatures, and we’ve given evidence to international courts on many occasions.

Cutting-edge forensics.

As an authority in the examination of disputed documents, we operate from a fully-equipped forensic document laboratory. This cutting-edge technology means we can produce the most accurate, scientific, reliable and impartial evidence possible. Our approach provides us with a solid scientific basis to withstand the most robust legal challenges.

From our client's notebook.

We engaged Anthony Stockton to provide forensic handwriting analysis in connection with an issue which arose in international commercial arbitration proceedings. He was able to undertake the work to meet a very tight deadline, and we found him responsive and helpful at all times.

William Hare — Forbes Hare LLP

Our CVs


Anthony Stockton BSc (Hons), MSc

Forensic scientist specialising in handwriting and questioned documents


Melanie Pugh BSc (Hons)

Forensic scientist specialising in handwriting and questioned documents

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